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Install Linux Malware Detect
Posted by on 14 August 2012 04:59 AM

This guide will walk you through installing LMD (Linux Malware Detect) on your VPS/Dedicated server:

  1. You will need to be logged in as root to the server over SSH

  2. Create a temporary directory and navigate into it

  3. Download the latest release of maldet:

    mkdir tmp
    cd tmp

  4. Extract the archive containing LMD and navigate into the directory it creates:

    ​tar xf maldetect-current.tar.gz && cd maldetect-1.4.1

WARNING Version may vary, you can check the current directory listing with the command `ls`.
Once you're inside execute the install script:


This will automatically install a cronjob inside /etc/cron.daily/maldet as well, it will make LMD execute daily and scan local cPanel accounts for possible malware.

Usage is fairly simple, to scan user's home directory or any other directory you would simply execute:

maldet -a /home/user

Any path is alright. The LMD runs great with ClamAV, if you'd like to install ClamAV on a cPanel based server, review this article.

Setting Up Email Alerts

LMD has an option to alert you each time it detects malware, please review these configuration variables inside '/usr/local/maldetect/conf.maldet.

 email_alert 1 or 0 enable or disable email alerts
 ail_addr email address target email for notifications in quotes: "[email protected]"

Other configuration variables that you should look into:

 quar_hits number if number is diff than 0, enables auto quarantine
 maxfilesize size makes LMD skip files larger than set size, like "512k" (512kb)


Additional Information

You can read the readme file online, which describes the application,

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