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Manage Your Weebly Site's Navigation Menu
Posted by ASO Admin on 27 February 2020 08:02 AM

The pages you create for your website will appear as links in the navigation menu at the top of your website. This way, your site's visitors can immediately click to whatever page catches their interest via your site's navigational menu (sometimes referred to as the 'nav').

Your Navigation Menu

The list of links that live at the top of your Weebly site is your navigation menu, also known as 'the nav' or your site's menu. Generally, when you hover your mouse over your site's menu each item will be highlighted as you move over them.

Each page you add will add an item in the navigational menu of the same name, up to ten pages. If you have more than ten pages on your site those extra pages will dropdown underneath a More top-level navigational menu page, and you'll have to click on them from that dropdown list.

In the next two sections you'll learn how to organize your pages and subpages. In the two sections after that, you'll learn how to hide a page from the navigation menu or to create a navigational menu link that actually goes to another website. 

Reorder Pages

As you add pages to your site, they appear in both your site's navigation menu and are stacked in a list found in the sidebar of your Pages tab. Where a page appears on this Pages list directly controls where it appears in the navigation. For instance, if it is in the top slot, like 'Welcome!' is below, it will be the first item in your site's navigation menu (on the left side of the menu). 

The above order of this sites pages makes the navigational menu of the site look like the following: 

To reorder the pages on your site, and therefore your website's navigational menu:

  1. Make sure you're logged into Weebly and within the Pages tab in your Weebly site's dashboard

  2. Click a page from the left-hand sidebar and drag it to a different location in the list; like in our instance, moving the Store page down a few slots 

    Your navigational menu would NOW look like the following. 

Organize Subpages

So, if you went all page crazy and have upwards of ten pages on your site, you won't see them all on your top navigational menu. Those eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and beyond, pages will get dropped down under a More page in your navigation menu. 

That system works ok, but it's not very configurable. A more organized and efficient way to handle subpages would be to make your extra pages subpages of another existing page, not as subpages of a More menu item. This gives you more control over the structure of your site. 

To organize your subpages as children of an existing page:

  1. Make sure you're logged into Weebly and within the Pages tab of your Weebly dashboard

  2. Drag a page underneath and to the right of another page to create a subpage

    When you do this and drop your page, it should appear underneath and slightly indented to the right. This means, as in the example below, that when you go to your website, the Cookies, Cakes and Pies pages will all be dropped-down under the Sweet navigational menu item. 

  3. Click the Save & Edit button

Hide Pages from the Nav

Sometimes you want a page to exist on your site but you don't necessarily want it to be visible in your site's navigation menu. For instance, if you want to add your resume or a downloadable form to a page but don't want anyone to see that it's there unless you link them to it.

To a hide a page from the navigation menu:

  1. Make sure you're logged into Weebly and within the Pages tab of your Weebly dashboard

  2. Click the name of the page you want to hide from your menu

  3. In that page's options, as shown in the pane to the right of the left-hand sidebar, tick the Hide page in navigation menu option 

  4. Click the Save & Edit button

    Now your page won't show up in the navigation menu for your site. As seen below, the hidden page named 'Thank You' is nowhere to be seen. 

    Tip! If you want to create a link on your website to one of your hidden pages, but still don't want that hidden page to appear in your navigation menu, you can do so in a jiffy! Just link some text, an image, a button or similar on your website to the URL of your hidden page. That way, you can direct someone to click on an 'Easter Egg' within your site to take them to a hidden page.

Create a Navigational Link that Goes to Another Site

Generally, you want most, if not all, of the links in your site's navigation to link to a page within your own site. But sometimes, you may want to link that nav menu item to another page. You can lead them to your Twitter page, an outside blog, a partner's site, and more.

To create a navigation link that leads to another site:

  1. Make sure you're logged into Weebly (as usual) and within your Pages tab

  2. Click the Add button, in the top left-hand corner 

  3. Click the External Link option

  4. In the Page Name field add a name for your page which will also appear in your navigation menu

  5. In the External site field add the URL of the site or page you want to link to from your menu item 

  6. Tick the Open link in new tab OR the Open link in same tab option to tell your site how to open this menu item when it is clicked

  7. Click the Save & Edit button when you're done

    Now, if anyone clicks the link to this page in your navigation menu, they'll leave your site and go straight to the link you created above.

    Note: any page that is directly linked to an external site will have an external link icon added to its page listing, as seen below. 

You can do the above with any page on your site aside from the Home page. Need help? Get in touch.

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