Do you have a shop somewhere else, like on Etsy, Shopify or even via your cleverly organized spreadsheet? Don't sweat it... you can upload your existing store right into Weebly.

To get started:

  1. Download your products from your current store, making sure to use the correct field names as outlined in the Weebly Importing documentation

    Learn how to download your product listings from Etsy
    Learn how to download your product listings from Shopify

    If you're hosting your store somewhere else and want to move it over, you need to make sure the formatting of the exported spreadsheet perfectly matches the formatting as outlined in the Weebly Importing documentation (specifically, the names of their columns need to match the names of the required columns).

  2. Format your store content per the above

  3. Log into Weebly and navigate to the site you want to add your store to (if you have more than one Weebly account)

  4. Click the Store tab

  5. Click Products in the left-hand sidebar

  6. Click the Import Products button near the top right corner of the page
    Note: you can also add your products manually. See how here

  7. Choose Etsy or Shopify as the source, or choose the option to Import CSV File, and then click the Continue button 

  8. Click Select a CVS File option and double-click on the spreadsheet you want to upload 

    Have a snack and relax while your products import. If you have a lot, it will take longer than if you have just a few. Once the process is complete you'll see a full list of your products with pictures. 

  9. Click on any of the product's names to edit or change them, just like you'd do if you created these listings directly from Weebly

Blammo! Products imported. Now, get selling.