All of our themes include a header image at the top of each page. You probably won't want to use our default header image on your pages, but you can easily edit and chance the headers on each of your pages.

To change a page header:

  1. Log into Weebly and navigate to the website you want to change the header on

  2. ​Make sure you're in the Build tab, visible at the top of the page

  3. Scroll over your header image and click the Edit Image button 

  4. You can either Select a Background... 

  5. Or Add an Image of your choosing... 

    ... depending on your theme and it's specifications. Below you'll see sections on how to achieve both processes for getting an image onto your site.

Add An Image

Note: if you are selecting a background, instead of uploading an image, skip down to the Select a Background section below.

  1. Click the Add Image button, as shown above

  2. Upload an image of your own from your computer (you can drag an image from your desktop if you want), search for an image in the Flickr Creative Commons Stock Photo library (the Search tab option), access your favorite photos or nab an image from a URL 

  3. Once you upload an image you'll be directed to an Image Editor screen where you can edit your image until your heart's content 

  4. Click the Save button near the top right corner of the page when you're finished editing that particular image

  5. Choose to either save this header to all pages, just this page or selected pages to determine where you want your new header to be visible 

  6. If your header image is too big for the allotted space, click Edit Image again, and resize it using the bubbles at each corner of the image 

  7. You can also drag an image to fit the header better (make sure the portion of the image you want will show) by clicking it and moving it around

  8. ​Save your changes when done (to this page, to all pages or to a selected page) 

Select a Background

If you're selecting a pre-configured background image instead of uploading an image from your computer, the process is a teeny bit different.

  1. Scroll through the available high-quality stock image options

  2. Sort the backgrounds from the All Backgrounds dropdown list at the top right corner of the Select Background pop-up

  3. When you've found the image you want to use click it to select it

  4. Click the Select button at the bottom of the pop-up pane 

  5. Edit your image with the basic image editing tools presented to you when you select your image (like blurring or darkening the image so your text overlay stands out)

  6. Save your changes when done (to this page, to all pages or to a selected page) 

If you have ANY issues or just need a little help, get in touch. We're here!