Email newsletter and auto-responder services are not a part of our menu of features at A Small Orange, but that doesn't mean you can't use newsletter forms from services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Exact Target and more, right on your website. All major bulk email providers will provide you a form you can use in your Weebly editor to easily add your very own newsletter sign-up form anywhere on your site.

You just copy the provided code from your email marketing service and paste it right into a Custom HTML element on your Weebly site. In this example, we'll be pasting code from MailChimp.

Check out this the short how-to video on adding a newsletter sign-up to your site and read the detailed instructions written out below the video to learn how it all works.

To get started adding a newsletter sign-up or auto-responder to your Weebly site:

  1. Log into Weebly and navigate to the website of your choosing from your list of Weebly sites

  2. Click the Build tab at the top of the page, if you're not already within it

  3. Log into MailChimp, or your specific email marketing service software

    When you build a form with MailChimp they generate HTML code that you can then use to add the form to a website.

  4. When you're within your newsletter form page in MailChimp or similar, make sure to tick the 'disable all javascript' option

  5. Click the Create Embed Code button near the bottom
    Note: if you're using another provider and the option to disable Javascript is available, do it. 

  6. Select all the just-created embed code (HTML code) and copy it (command + C for Macs and Control + C for PCs) 

  7. Navigate back to your Weebly site, to the page you want to add this form to

  8. Make sure you're within the Build tab, if you aren't already

  9. Drag a Custom HTML element to the page 

  10. Click the element you just dragged over, to edit it 

  11. Paste the HTML code you copied from your email marketing provider into this element 

  12. Click away from the element to 'place' the HTML code within your page; this will make the code disappear and the form you just created appear 

  13. Click the Publish button, near the top right-hand corner of the page, to make your changes live

After you publish, any sign-ups from this form will be added directly to the list you created within your email provider when you set up the form there.