Order a Dedicated IP Address
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Can I Order a Dedicated IP Address?

Because A Small Orange assigns dedicated IP addresses to SSL Certificate users, your site won't be assigned the Dedicated IP until you provide us with the certificate to install on your site.

You can contact support for assistance with this.

If you ordered your Dedicated IP address and don't expect to be installing an SSL Certificate within a short time period, submit a ticket to Billing to have the charges removed (refunded or credited depending on the circumstance). You can add the Dedicated IP address onto your account at any time.

If you ordered your Dedicated IP address to make your website appear at the top of Google's search results, you won't be receiving an IP address (here's why). Submit a ticket to Billing to have the charges removed.

Invalid Reasons for Obtaining a Dedicated IP Address

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need a dedicated IP address for search engine optimization. Google, Yahoo and MSN (the "Big Three" search engines) have not provided any substantiating information that they distinguish between sites with a dedicated IP address and sites without a dedicated IP address.

If you are interested in Search Engine Optimization, you may want to consult their information directly:


​You say you need a dedicated IP address to work with old browsers... but how old are we talking? What older browsers? NCSA Mosaic? Netscape 1.0? Internet Explorer 2.0?  If you are running a site that needs to support these browsers, then Javascript, HTML 4.0 tags, CSS and just about anything else other than text and <img src> tags will also not work.

You actually DON'T need a dedicated IP address to make your site run faster. Web servers do not work this way. The Apache web server listens on all IP addresses assigned to that server and answers HTTP requests in the order received, regardless of the IP address it is received on.


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