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Log Into WordPress

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2015 02:57PM CDT

So, you've signed up for a WordPress blog or website, but you don't know how to log in!? Don't worry, it's easy as pie!

Note: Your domain name should be pointed to your web hosting already.

To log into your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Navigate to 'http:///', where '' is your actual website URL

    If you installed WordPress to a sub-directory, then the URL you'd go to would be '', where 'blog' is whatever sub-directory path you've installed it to.

  2. Enter your username in the Username blank, and your password in the Password blank

  3. Click the Log In button

You will be directed to your WordPress dashboard!

Still having problems logging? See how you can reset your WordPress password. Contact Support if you need further assistance.
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